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Work Smarter. Live Better.

Turbocharge your day

Boost your metabolism, stay focused and productive, by standing to work.

Daily ergonomic comfort

Altizen standing desk helps align your spine for pain-free hours during your work day.

Excellent build quality

We build our standing desks to last for years, ensuring a good return on your investment.

Make A Statement In Your Office

Motorised adjustment.

Elevate to your height with just one touch

Screen adjustment

Adjust your screen independently to suit any height and body type.

Ergonomic angle.

98 degree pillar tilt for correct eye-screen distance.

Spacious worksurface

48x80cm workspace keeps all equipment within easy reach.

Silent motor

To suit the quietest office.

Premium finish

Laser cut steel enhances stability, non-scratch powder coat ensures long-lasting good looks.

Small footprint

65cmx80cm footprint fits in the tightest space.

Smart system

Patented smart technology remind you to sit-stand and tracks progress in-app.

98% of customers keep their Altizen, but just in case…

  • money back 30-day money back guarantee
  • Buy now, Pay later
  • Up to 5 years warranty

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Roger Egan

Roger Egan

Keeps me active and at my best

As the co-founder of a fast-growing startup, I work long hours. Sitting all day is a recipe for feeling tired. With Altizen I can switch to standing so easily and work at just the right height, keeping me active and at my best.

Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan

Great productivity tool

My Altizen stand up desk is a great productivity tool and effective for reducing lower back pain; two other colleagues are also using Altizen for similar reasons. After-sales service is excellent. The product operates like it’s made to last.

Joo Lee

Joo Lee

Lower back issues are gone

Very happy with it. I used to have lower back issues, but this is gone after 2 weeks of using it. And my productivity has improved as I can easily switch back and forth between sitting and standing with just one click. Recommended!

Wilfred Phua

Wilfred Phua

Super simple to operate

What I like about the Altizen standing desk is that it is super simple to operate – all it takes to switch posture is the press of a button. The preset height means no more fiddling around. The motor is quiet and helps with not drawing attention.

Chuanwei Foo

Chuanwei Foo

Great for daily usage

Altizen is an ideal companion to my work. The motor is quiet and stable. I show it off to people who visit my office. The preset height and mobile app is great for daily usage. Recommended for those looking for ergonomics.

Grace Gan

Grace Gan

Helps my neck & shoulder aches

Alternating between sitting and standing allows me to do passive exercise. Having my screen at eye level helped not put strain on my spine and alleviate my neck and shoulder aches. I do believe it’s helped improve my health.

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