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Altizen Electric Standing Desk Converter

  Manual standing desk converters fit on top of your existing desk. Most utilise coil or gas spring systems to move up and down, and have a locking mechanism. They are an option for users who don’t mind the lack of convenience or who want to experiment with standing at work before moving onto a more permanent solution. The Altizen electric standing desk converter fits on your existing desk. It utilises a powerful silent motor with memory heights. As the only standing desk endorsed by a physiotherapy association and international safety agencies, it is the choice for users who are looking for a truly ergonomic solution at work.

Motorised lift


Memory height


Automatically lifts up to 15 kg


Completely flat 48 x 80cm workspace


(2-tiers with only keyboard tray flushed with tabletop)

Integrated monitor stand with customisable screen height


(requires additional monitor arm)

App-enabled with real-time activity tracking and reminder


(Altizen Pro)

No pinch points or finger risk


Internationally safety certified


Endorsed by physiotherapists


3 years local warranty


What Differentiates Altizen Electric Standing Desk Converter 

We live by two words. Ergonomics and Performance.

The Altizen standing desk breathes elegance while adhering to strict  ergonomic requirements, so that you can enjoy comfortable hours at your desk. Tellingly, it is the only standing desk ever endorsed by a physiotherapy association for its ergonomics.

We also pride ourselves on quality and reliability. We subject each batch of desks to a fully-loaded reliability test to guarantee performance that you can count on.

electric standing desk converter

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