Review - Hong Kong - Altizen Standing Desk

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Reviewed by 4 customers

The most appropriate standing desk for me

Submitted 2 months ago by Martina Mustika Star Orange

The most appropriate standing desk for me since I can put it on top of my current table. I can also easily move it if I need to. Good services from the office as well. Thank you.

I find myself moving more, feeling better overall

Submitted 4 months ago by Star Orange

I’ve put on so much weight ever since starting my job as a software engineer. I considered standing desks to start becoming fitter. Chose the Altizen because it fits nicely on my current desk and is motorised. Also I can fit both my monitors on it which is great. Since using it I find myself moving more and I feel better overall.

Worth it for my health

Submitted 4 months ago by Star Orange

I’m a financial auditor so I spent lots of time sitting at my desk especially during crunch time. Using the Altizen has helped me get more work done. The motion of sitting and standing helps me stretch and keeps me alert. I definitely feel it’s worth it for my health.

Feeling better and more energetic

Submitted 4 months ago by Janna B. Star Orange

Decided to try the Altizen after some research and I must say that I’m impressed. I work from home and have been having lower back pain and lethargy for a few months.
But after using the desk for a week, I feel much better and energetic. I like the remote control (really fun to use), quality of the desk and how the table top is large and flat.
Also it’s nice that it doesn’t take up too much space on my table and lays flat when I’m sitted down. Highly recommended!