Review - Hong Kong - Altizen Standing Desk

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Reviewed by 10 customers

An excellent product, would recommend

Submitted 3 months ago by Jacob Ring Star Orange

An excellent product, and the team behind is dedicated to providing a very personalized service. Would recommend.

Sturdy product and good customer service

Submitted 5 months ago by Jeff Au Star Orange

We compared several similar workstations and decided to go with Altizen.

The product itself is very sturdy and easy to use though we were not sure whether it fits our existing 2-monitor setup. Their sales team were able to customise the setup which fits perfectly for our daily workflow. Installation and after-sales support are a breeze.

As now we get more standing time, this contributes a lot to our creative thinking which is vital to our field of work.

Helps my neck and arm numbness

Submitted 5 months ago by Serene Lim Star Orange

Easily alternating between standing and sitting using the altizen desk has really helped my neck and arm numbness. I don’t feel the strain from long working hours on the laptop.

The design is unobtrusive and pretty slick actually.

It’s not just wooden planks. It really helps.

Durable and user-friendly

Submitted 5 months ago by Dilys Lim Star Orange

I find the Altizen sit station, durable, user-friendly and clean. The automated workstation is convenient and easy to use and the app prompts timely movement. I am confident Altizen can improve my overall health and working posture.

Much better than manual standing desk

Submitted 7 months ago by Gabriel Pereira Star Orange

With my long days in the office, I was well aware of the issues associated with prolonged sitting. I’ve tried cheaper, manual standing desks and abandoned them as they were simply not intuitive and did not work well. While it’s not cheap, the Altizen is totally worth it – it gives a more intuitive experience and I definitely feel healthier and more alert, particularly after lunch!

Recommend this for people who work long hours

Submitted 9 months ago by Karen Lim Star Orange

I’m in finance and spend long hours on my screen going through documents. I’ve always looked for a solution for my frequent backaches. With Altizen, it’s been very easy to change between sitting and standing, you just have to press a button. After 3 weeks of using it, I feel more energy and have less back aches at work. Would recommend it anyone who has to spend long hours at their desk.

Good quality, great job

Submitted 10 months ago by Nicolas Mas Star Orange

I finally got a new screen! I wanted to tell you that the Altizen is awesome. Very happy with the quality, you guys did a great job!

Has changed the way I work

Submitted 10 months ago by Mini Vandepol Star Orange

Sitting for long hours everyday is just not healthy. So I’ve always been looking for a solution and improves my posture and makes me feel better. Altizen pretty much met my expectations and has given me the ability to change the way I work.

Helped my posture issues

Submitted 12 months ago by Kho Shuling Star Orange

I first looked at standing desks because I wanted to improve my sitting posture and concentrate better. In fact I used to work standing using boxes. It’s been much more convenient with Altizen. For one, it’s definitely helped my posture problems. Some things can be improved but high marks for a good product!

Feel healthier and more focused

Submitted 1 year ago by Hank Jong Star Orange

I have long working hours and sitting for the whole day must makes me uncomfortable. Once I started using Altizen, I’ve felt healthier and more focused. I think the option to work sitting or standing is important, and having the motorised desk height adjustments makes the switching so much easier.